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GUT BURNER Challenge Starts This Week:

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What is the best weight loss diet routine? Here are 4 proven tips for consistent weight loss.

I lost 66lbs and went from 225lbs to 159lbs. I achieved this without the gym! Here's what I did.

​1. Get Up At 6AM And Run

running in the morning

Initially in first 2 months, you should not run, just walk, because you will not have the stamina to run nor can your legs take that much weight. After 2 months, I lost around 14lbs just by walking (along with the Gut Burner diet).  Only then did I start to run. I currently run at a 6-miles per hour speed for 10 minutes straight without any break. But, it took time to develop this speed and stamina. You will have to be patient with yourself.

2. Diet

low glycemic foods

Anything that is cooked is bad for you. Anything that is raw or boiled is good for you. Anything with a high glycemic index is bad, low glycemic index is good. Know and write down the glycemic index of all that you eat. Rice, potatoes and sugar have a very very high glycemic index — avoid them at all costs. Once a week is fine. I simply don’t eat them.

Vegetables generally have low glycemic index, especially the green ones. Go ahead, eat them as much as you like.  Make sure they are boiled and steamed — not cooked. By doing this, you will deprive your body of outside fat, and your body will start using the fat it stored inside yourself — exactly for these times. We evolved from primates and this phenomenon of storing access fat was used in hibernation, but is not necessary now.

3. Don't Be Hungry


It's a misconception that eating a small amount each day is beneficial. It is not.  That will make you deficient in vitamins and protein which will adversely affect your body. Eat as much as you like, just eat low-fat and low-glycemic foods. But do eat, by all means.

4. Be Patient


The body takes time to adjust and give you the results you seek. It can take a week or more before you loose your first 10lbs, but it will happen. Weight gain is 100% reversible. Give it time. It will work. It's science. Just don’t give up in-between. 90% of people give up in just days because they expect overnight results. The remaining 10% actually get results.

Exercise, but don’t show off. Don’t worry about the song you play while you workout or the top-brand name clothes and shoes. They don’t make you in-shape — your exercise does. I have seen people spends hundreds of dollars shopping before joining a gym, and then not going to gym after 2 days.

Special clothing or shoes won't make you thin, your workout does. I wear a simple cotton t-shirt while running . You exercise for yourself, not for the world. Don’t post Instagram or Facebook posts for this. Work hard in silence. You will have enough to post when you are in good shape.

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